A French guy in San Francisco.

I live for 3 years in the city of San Francisco, where I followed my wife. Like many inhabitants of the Bay, she works in "tech". The city has been transformed over the years to become the home of the many employees of this world center for the development of new technologies. Apple, Facebook, Uber, Netflix are some of the most symbolic examples of this development.

Historically, the city of San Francisco developed at the time of the "gold rush" in the mid-nineteenth century. The French community has largely contributed to it. After the Spanish, the French were the first settlers arrived in the city, a district ("Little France") still mark this presence today. Mexico's independence has brought many French immigrants to San Francisco. Gradually, the neighborhood has shrunk to give more space to the Chinatown.

The city lies between two important tectonic plates, we regularly feel small earthquakes. The particular geographical location of the city, as well as the fact that it is a peninsula, gives it its geography and its particular climate (and so changing). The weather makes me think of that of Normandy coast.

Despite the great upheavals that it has undergone in its history, the city strives to keep the most striking traces! Whether in its architecture or for the life of its social movements, the neighborhoods of the city reflect these stories that have marked the city (and even the world)! It is an eminently cultural city where there are many museums. The Legion of Honor Museum is the most beautiful (and rich) symbol of Franco-American unity! A must see!!



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