North of San Francisco,

Cross the Golden Gate Bridge!

Even more than the discovery of the Golden Gate Bridge, you have to push more (or less) far to discover other places not to be missed!

If you are more "nature" or more "city", you will find something to satisfy your curiosity! And if you want the balance between culture and nature, the most famous wineries in the United States are here! If you have (at least) a day to devote to the Napa Valley, this is one of the must-see attractions!

A breath of fresh air, resize

Whether it's just near the Golden Gate Bridge or further north, there are fantastic walks to do! You will have the choice between a side beach, or a side Bay, or the interior of the lands.

You will also be able to pass from one to the other. If you are adept long walks, I suggest you go from Stinson Beach, and climb to Mount Tamalpais. It is not far from San Francisco and it will make you discover landscapes with a very varied flora as well as remarkable points of view!


In Napa Valley,



Napa Valley is known worldwide for its wines. This region is the symbol of the success of American wines. Some gradually see their names take the status of legend. There are a multitude of different grape varieties: white Chenin, Chardonnais, Sémillon, Sauvignon (white smoke) or Riesling for white wines and Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Zinfandel, Pinot Noir, Gamay Syrah and Cabernet Franc are the main varieties of red. Do you want to discover the local production by touring a few wineries? For a day or several days, I will make you enjoy my experience to book the tour that will match your curiosity!



There is a wide range of possibilities to discover this region. One of the ways to discover the "Napa Valley" is to take the train that passes through the areas. Very varied formulas are proposed. From the city of Napa to St Helena, you will criss-cross a beautiful landscape. There is also an aerial formula, balloon, to fly over the wine valley. You want to discover the local production by touring some wineries? For a day or several days, I will make you enjoy my experience to book the tour that will match your curiosity!


A story

These territories were crossed by very varied population movements. Amerindians gradually saw the settling of Russians, Spaniards and Mexicans, but also Asians. The list would be longer if we had to make a census today! We find in the names of places, traces of its more or less significant passages. We also find in the architectures or museums the marks of its cultures. This story is to discover by stopping in the cities or by strolling on the multiple paths of discovery. Point Reyes, Olompali State Historic Park, Yountville, Sonoma, Russian River are examples of points of interest ...

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