Some Recommendations!

No matter what time of year you choose to travel to the SF Bay Area, it is advised that you dress warmly in layers! Weather can be unpredictable and is subject to change from moment to moment, regardless of what you see in the weather forecast. Due to the proximity of the city to the ocean and bay, airflow from the Pacific Ocean can make temperatures vary greatly from one neighborhood to another. It is recommended that you bring a sweater or windbreaker jacket with you even if it appears to be a warm day.

Although walking is my favorite way to get around the city, there are some pretty steep hills in and around the area (just watch Steve McQueen’s “Bullit” and you’ll know what I mean). A bus system can take you from one place to another without much difficulty, and Uber and Lyft are widely used by locals. There is quite a bit to see and the possibilities can seem a bit overwhelming. The good news is I’m here to help you navigate this wonderfully complex area.


Where to Eat?

If you love great food and and a variety of world flavors, there is an endless selection of cuisine from all parts of the globe. Enjoy restaurants, pubs, grills, markets, and bakeries, all with unique character in every neighborhood. From the simple to the Michelin starred, from the steak house to seafood restaurant, you will have unlimited options to choose from. Allow me to assist you with selecting a great place to enjoy a meal for any occasion, for any time of day, and I can also assist with making reservations.

What to See?

San Francisco is truly the place to be to see the convergence of cultures from around the world. Museums, exhibitions, outdoor creative spaces, and many more venues highlight the rich culture and diversity of the area. Visit the California Academy of Sciences, complete with an indoor rainforest, planetarium, and aquarium, jump on board a cruise to Alcatraz Island and visit the prison where Al Capone was once held, admire the art and sculptures of the Museum of Modern Art and Legion of Honor, and cruise the maritime sights of the Embarcadero and Pier 39. So much more awaits you, and I am happy to assist you with recommendations and creating your next itinerary.


A Rich History !

Dating back to it’s Spanish colonial founding in the late 18th century, San Francisco is one of the oldest cities on the west coast. Explore the wealth of historic locations such as the original grounds of the Spanish Presidio, the Civil War era Fort Point, the remains of World War II military batteries installed along the coast, and the famous locations of the 60’s social revolution in the Haight-Ashbury and Castro districts. Pass through the old Italian quarter of North Beach, visit the French Quarter of the financial district, and experience the sights and sounds of China Town.